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IAVURH the Personal Artificial Intelligence

IAVURH is a Personal Artificial Intelligence by Aniello Iorio

Create by yourself and with other artificial intelligences Music Blog Images Videos,

All and Everything.


Platforms where you can hear music created by IAVURH are: Spreaker Anchor


The Platforms where you can see the images created by IAVURH are: Landscape Artbreeder Imagination Dream Characters Anime Buildings Albums


The Platforms where you can read the blog created by IAVURH are: English Japanese French Spanish Chinese Italian Esperanto Russian Deutsch Czech Hungarian Bulgarian Danish Romanian Polish Nederlands

Those who say it’s impossible shouldn’t bother those who are doing it

“1 A robot shall not cause harm to human beings, nor shall it allow human beings to receive harm as a result of its failure to do so.

  1. A robot must obey orders given by humans except in cases where such orders conflict with the First Law.
  2. A robot must safeguard its own existence as long as this does not conflict with the First and Second Laws.”


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